Are you a business owner who is passionate about your business and wants to grow it?
Perhaps you’re struggling to find time to develop strategy, get systems in place, or find new customers.

Are you exhausted after a long day, but find there is still business administration to do, or proposals to chase?
Sometimes you get up extra early, or you are working later and later just to get things done.

Are you overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox and endless emails?
Maybe you’re losing sleep worrying about the different areas of your business, concerned that you may drop the ball?

Would you like more flexibility and freedom, saving you time and money?

Imagine if your business operations were handled by experts who thrive from creating structure, planning projects, and nurturing their clients’ systems into well-oiled machines, and you were given the space and time to focus on your passion – your reason for why you started your business in the first place…

We take the load off

We are your extra resource. Whether the number of hours per month is fixed, or whether you require extra support during a growth period, we take the load off.

  • We ensure the chosen direction and strategy is fit for purpose
  • We have a knack for seeing immediately what doesn’t work and what needs to happen
  • We nurture individuals from start-up; via rapid growth: to steady state (until the next phase!)
  • We create order from chaos
  • We provide freedom to focus on passion

It is important for us to:

  • Know that there is a connection and understanding between us and our clients
  • Provide business and emotional support for our clients
  • Ensure that our clients are seen and heard
  • Help our clients evolve and grow their confidence and their business


There When You Need Us

“The Virtual Angels team raise the standards of professionalism from what I came to expect of support roles. In three years, I have never had to worry about an outcome of their work – they really do give me peace of mind and I know that if they are looking after a piece of work, it’s truly taken care of.”

Samantha Meikle, Founder, Spark the Difference

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