What are Function Keys?

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We have all seen the top row of our QWERTY keyboard with the keys marked F1 to F12, known as ‘Function Keys’,┬ábut how many of you use them or know what they are for?

Function keys can save you time if you know how to use them, take a look at the list below to see which does what!

F1 – Opens the Help screen for most programmes

F2 – Allows you to rename a selected file or folder

F3 – Opens a seach feature for an active application

F4 – Alt and F4 closes the active window

F5 – Refreshes or reloads the page or window

F6 – Moves the curstor to the address bar in most internet browsers

F7 – Spell and grammar check in Microsoft applications

F8 – Used to access the boot menu in Windows

F9 – Sends and receives emails in Microsoft Outlook

F10 – Shift and F10 is the same as right clicking

F11 – Turns on and off full screen mode in most internet browsers

F12 – Opens the ‘save as’ dialog box in Microsoft Word

Let me know how you get on and if any save you time!

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