Top 5 Microsoft Office Shortcuts

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Regardless of whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, Microsoft Office still seems to be the main software used to create key documents within most organisations. If you’re a regular user you probably have one or two shortcuts up your sleeve. Here are my 5 favourite shortcuts for the various packages.

Shortcut 1: Outlook – Duplicating Draft Emails 

So you have 10 identical emails to send to 10 different recipients (with a little personalisation). You can sit there and copy and paste the body of each one in to a new email, or, you can use this nifty little shortcut.

  1. Draft the main text in to a new email.
  2. Place the cursor in the subject box.
  3. Press CTRL and F together.

(Mac users press CMD (⌘) and F together.)

Voila! You have quickly and simply duplicated your draft email.

Shortcut 2: Excel – Formatting Cells

This is possibly my favourite shortcut of all time (yes, I am a bit of a shortcut geek!). To display the dialogue box which contains all of the functions you need to format a cell in Excel, you simply…

Press CTRL and 1 together.

(Mac users press CMD (⌘) and 1 together.)

Shortcut 3: Word – Insert a Hyperlink

This shortcut is another very simple time saver. Highlight the word that you want to use as the link to a hyperlink (or document) then…

Press CTRL and K.

(Mac users press CMD (⌘) and K together.)

A dialogue box will appear and you can fill in the relevant details and paste in your link.

Shortcut 4: PowerPoint – Stop or Restart an Automatic Presentation

You’ve spent hours rehearsing that presentation. You’ve set up all the timings on PowerPoint so you don’t need to be fiddling around with a clicker as you talk. But as you work through your presentation a hand raises from the audience… you didn’t factor in questions to your timings! What do you do? Simple…

Press “S” – this works for Windows and Mac users.

Answer the question or questions, then press “S” again and continue your presentation. Easy!

Shortcut 5: Undo

So, you’re typing away in Word and manage to delete half the page in a keystroke, or you’re updating formulae in Excel and it latches on to the wrong cell. To undo the last action that you took is really simple…

Press CTRL and Z.

(Mac users press CMD (⌘) and Z together.)

These are just some of the keyboard shortcuts that I find useful day to day. What is your favourite keyboard shortcut?


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