Take Control of your Emails

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I have recently been running workshops and giving presentations about time management. The question I often get asked is ‘how can I better manage my emails?’.  Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to this question. Emails are generated by others and you will never be able to stop them from emailing you. However, there are some things you can do to take back a little bit of control. Continue reading “Take Control of your Emails”

Take back your time!

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Would you believe that we waste over 100 hours a year searching for documents that we can’t find? That may not seem much, but when you translate that in to your financial worth it becomes a significant figure. Take your hourly rate and times it by 100… can you afford to waste that kind of money? Continue reading “Take back your time!”

Can a Virtual Assistant help me?

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have to balance work and home life can feel if they are always working at full speed, however, their ‘to get done’ list, rarely shrinks and is more likely to increase.  However, is it beneficial to get help?  Surely by the time I have explained what I need to someone, it is quicker to do it myself?  Would that person really be able to do it ‘my way’?

So, what are the benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) and why will it make your work/life balance more productive?  Here are our thoughts on why hiring a VA will make your life easier. Continue reading “Can a Virtual Assistant help me?”

Top 5 Microsoft Office Shortcuts

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Regardless of whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, Microsoft Office still seems to be the main software used to create key documents within most organisations. If you’re a regular user you probably have one or two shortcuts up your sleeve. Here are my 5 favourite shortcuts for the various packages. Continue reading “Top 5 Microsoft Office Shortcuts”

Free your time with a Virtual Assistant!

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Free your time!

Have you wished there were just a few extra hours in the day? Ever longed for an up to date contact list? Or wished someone could send a few holding replies to ease the pressure on your overflowing inbox?

Maybe it’s time you thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant. Continue reading “Free your time with a Virtual Assistant!”