Working with Pets

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This week we have a blog from Holly about the furry Virtual Angel, Reggie!

One of the joys of working from home is spending the day with my four-legged furry friend.  Reggie is a Brussels Griffon and I have to say there are days when I wonder if he is more cat than dog. However, since he came to live with us last year, he has had a huge impact on my working day.  We don’t have a garden, so he needs to go out for walks on a regular basis throughout the day.

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Distance, no object?

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I read a blog this week titled ‘Location Is No Boundary For A Virtual Assistant, And I’m Proof! by Allison Christie, who is based in Shetland.  Allison, shares her thoughts on running her VA business Tick The List, and the peace and tranquility of Shetland.

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