MS PowerPoint Show Tips

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It’s been a while since we have provided any shortcuts, here are some useful ones when using PowerPoint for a presentation:

No. Action Shortcut Mac
1 Activate the pen tool during a show Ctrl and P ⌘ and P
2 Erase pen tool drawings during a show E E
3 Turn off the pen tool during a show Esc Esc
4 Change the pen to a pointer during a show Ctrl and A ⌘ and A
5 Hide the pointer or pen during a show Ctrl and H ⌘ and H
6 Move to the next hyperlink during a show Tab Tab
7 Make the screen go black during a show B B
8 Make the screen go white during a show W W
9 Stop or restart an automatic show S S
10 Return to the first slide during a show 1 and Enter ⌘ and shift and Enter
11 During presentation, go to a particular slide number ….. Slide number and Enter Slide number and Enter
12 View the complete slide show F5 F5
13 View the slide show from the current slide forward Shift and F5 ⌘ and Enter
14 End the slide show Esc Esc

Hope you enjoy them, what are your favourites?

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