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MS Office

Firstly, some MS Word shortcuts and tips:

1. To remove the ribbon bar click CTRL+F1. The ribbon will disappear, repeat the process to make it reappear.

2.  If you need to copy text from a source with a different format, highlight the text and use the shortcut CTRL+SPACE BAR, this will change it back to the default Times New Roman font.

3. CTRL+1 changes existing spacing in a paragraph to single-line, CTRL+2 changes it to double-line and CTRL+5 changes it to 1.5 line spacing.

4. CTRL+Z will undo your last action and CTRL+Y will redo your last action.

5. If you set your document up in sections, you can format each section separately, giving yourself much more control over the whole document.

Followed by, MS Excel:

1. CTRL+SPACE selects the entire column.

2. SHIFT+SPACE selects the entire row.

3. Right clicking may not seem onerous, but when your fingers are busy typing away, why shift your attention to your mouse or touchpad? Instead, use the right-click shortcut – SHIFT+F10 – to open your right-click menu and then use the up and down arrow keys to navigate.

4. To format numbers as currency, the keyboard shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+4. To format numbers as percentages, press CTRL+SHIFT+5.

5. CTRL+HOME takes you to cell A1.

What shortcuts or tips do you use or recommend?  Do let us know.

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