Onsite or Offsite Business Support?

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Are you beginning to think that you can’t manage your workload, juggling too many things at once, it seems as if there is never enough time to plan ahead, contact possible new clients, think about planning and income for the next six to nine months? It may be the right time to consider business support. Continue reading “Onsite or Offsite Business Support?”

Networking Adventures – part four…..

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In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned my previous fear of networking and how I didn’t think I would like it much at all, which is partly why I began this series.  To convince myself and encourage others who felt the same way to take the plunge!  While I am still a relative newcomer to networking, I am beginning to enjoy it more and more.  I have been to several new events solo, as well as my regular groups.  Networking groups come in different shapes and sizes: local area; woman only; men only; specific business; breakfast meetings, you can take your pick. While I am not a member of men only, obviously, or the breakfast meetings, much too early, the groups I do belong to are helping me to build a network of colleagues to call on for joint working or expert advice when needed. Continue reading “Networking Adventures – part four…..”

The Royal British Legion Poppy Walk

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On Sunday 17 July, Holly and I took part in the Royal British Legion Poppy Walk. Fundraising for charities is something that we are both passionate about, we first met while working for a charity based in Covent Garden.  We have previously raised money, as Virtual Angels and separately, for cancer charities and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RABF).  Our last outing was for the RABF, dressing up as Santa’s. Continue reading “The Royal British Legion Poppy Walk”