What can I do to be more organised?

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“What can I do to be more organised?” Is a question we hear often at Virtual Angels, when chatting to people.

Before we can answer, we need to ask some direct questions, also known as the ‘mini-interrogation’. Continue reading “What can I do to be more organised?”


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We use Dropbox with several of our clients, it makes sharing files and folders easy and means we both have access to the most recently updated documents we are using. However, I have been asked on a couple of occasions recently, “What is Dropbox, would it be useful for me to use?” So, I thought I would do a basic overview of Dropbox to share with you. Continue reading “Dropbox”

Hiring – How To Get It Right First Time!

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This week we have a guest blogger with us, Charlotte Allfrey, the founder of Metro HR. Charlotte set up Metro HR to help small and medium sized businesses deliver great HR. She does this by helping clients to put a proactive HR framework in place as their business starts to grow. Having this in place allows them to avoid staffing problems, support employees and retain the best team. Continue reading “Hiring – How To Get It Right First Time!”

Tips and Tricks: Gmail Settings (personal or business)

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Today, it’s Google’s turn for our ‘tips and tricks’ spot. Google have a range of apps for business under their GSuite subscription. One of these is Gmail, which is also available free as personal email. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks: Gmail Settings (personal or business)”

Holiday support: is it time to think about it?

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The last half term has passed us by for this school year and it will be the summer holiday in ‘only’ six weeks’ time, seven for some!  Not long, is it?  While children, no doubt, are looking forward to the time off, it can be a frantic time for parents who are employed, let alone run their own businesses. Continue reading “Holiday support: is it time to think about it?”

More on, Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

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In my last blog, I talked about preparing for an office move, thinking about the location, engaging staff in the project and budgeting!  This time I am covering the relocation plan and the actual move. Continue reading “More on, Relocation, Relocation, Relocation”

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

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Over the past few months, I have been helping a client move offices, relocation, relocation, relocation! Moving from the Isle of Wight to the mainland (a real change of scenery). I have visited both the Isle of Wight and the chosen area in the UK during the past few months, so some on-site work rather than virtual for a change!

However, initially, the sourcing of the new office was started by searching the internet for possible options and making lots of telephone calls. Continue reading “Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!”

Proactive business support

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Good executive support is a valuable asset to a corporate office, charity, SME or entrepreneur in their working life. I am sure that you will have complimented or grumbled about support from administration or operational personnel at some point in your working life, even if you knew the problem wasn’t of their making. Continue reading “Proactive business support”

Welcome to 2017! Planning going well?

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9 January 2017 already – I can’t quite believe it myself?!

I had loads of plans for the Christmas/New Year holiday, although I wasn’t scheduled to have a complete break myself, apart from the usual bank holidays.  It was going to be my time to catch up on some tasks that appear to have been on my own to-do list for much longer than I would like and plan for 2017.

However, a family member admitted to hospital and the best laid plans are put to one side as family come first.  Thankfully, after an operation and great care by the NHS, my family member is home recovering and we are slowly getting back to normal.

Though I now seem to have an even longer list of things that I would like to do.  There seem to be three categories at present: “Must Do”; “Should Do”; “Will Do”! Continue reading “Welcome to 2017! Planning going well?”