Tips and Tricks: Gmail Settings (personal or business)

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Today, it’s Google’s turn for our ‘tips and tricks’ spot. Google have a range of apps for business under their GSuite subscription. One of these is Gmail, which is also available free as personal email. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks: Gmail Settings (personal or business)”

Will I be replaced by a robot?

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I have seen a few news articles over the last year which talk about the rise of the robot and AI intelligence. A recent one from asked ‘when will AI bots replace virtual assistants?’ – although they concluded this wouldn’t be happening any time soon! Continue reading “Will I be replaced by a robot?”

A Different Way of Working

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Have you ever wished there were just a few extra hours in the day? Do you long for an up to date contact list, documented procedures, or for someone to send a few holding replies to ease the pressure on your overflowing inbox? Have you benefitted from the support of an assistant or administrator in a previous role, but are just not sure that you have the space in your office to take one on yourself? Have you contemplated taking on a Virtual Assistant (VA), but don’t really know what a VA is or what they could do? Continue reading “A Different Way of Working”

Networking adventures, part one

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Networking, a phrase that usually fills me with dread!  Last week, the Guardian Small Business Network posted an article that included ‘Naked Networking’, which I know would be two of my worst nightmares rolled into one!  However, one of the key things I have found since we established Virtual Angels, is that networking can be very helpful and supportive.  I have tried a few networking groups with very different results.  Over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would treat you to some of the reactions I have experienced whilst attending the different groups, as I am trialling two or three more over the coming weeks.  Then in my final blog on networking, I will list some of the ones that I have found most encouraging, signed up for and will be recommending to you. Continue reading “Networking adventures, part one”

Too busy for new ideas?

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Do you spend time developing new ideas for your business? A recent survey by Sage found that a third of UK entrepreneurs are too busy to come up with new ideas.  Even more worrying, they said they had lost customers as a result of not having sufficient time.  Lack of skills, too much admin and the pressures of keeping customers happy were cited as reasons they were unable to focus on their business.  Yet without new ideas, it is difficult for a business to grow and develop and without customers, you don’t have a business. Continue reading “Too busy for new ideas?”