The Royal British Legion Poppy Walk

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On Sunday 17 July, Holly and I took part in the Royal British Legion Poppy Walk. Fundraising for charities is something that we are both passionate about, we first met while working for a charity based in Covent Garden.  We have previously raised money, as Virtual Angels and separately, for cancer charities and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RABF).  Our last outing was for the RABF, dressing up as Santa’s.


This time no fancy dress was required, though we were given Poppy t-shirts at the start of the walk to wear on our journey.  The course was ten kilometers and in the form of a question hunt.  We started off at 9 am from the Honourable Artillery Company and headed towards Spitalfield.  Minor hiccup at question number one: Spitalfield: What was the crypt used for and what year was it uncovered?  The crypt was closed for refurbishment, not the best start to the walk.  (Googling didn’t help either!).  We headed on our way and met this cheeky chap next.


One of the most amazing sights of the day for me, were the horses at Goodman’s Fields, by Hamish Mackie heading down a small alley in between flats and offices, to be met by the six horses in the water was brilliant.


A couple of questions from the walk to keep you entertained: Question thirteen: Strand: What was Twinings tea and coffee merchants formally known as?  Question fourteen: Gough Square: Can you name Dr Johnson’s famous quote about London? (Answers at the bottom).

We made the most of out time together to catch up, personally and professionally as hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks.  Holly and I are not only virtual for our clients, we are also virtual to each other.  Although we do catch up weekly, it is good to spend time together in person too.

We arrived back approximately three hours later to be welcomed by members of the Royal British Legion.  We checked our answers, seventeen out of twenty, and were rewarded by chocolate medals!


We also took the opportunity to have lunch together following the walk in a local pub.  All in all, a delightful day and an event that we can thoroughly recommend.  Look out for the details of Poppy Walk 2017.  Our sponsorship page is still open, if you would like to sponsor us.



Question thirteen: Golden Lyon

Question fourteen: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’

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