So, what do you actually do………?

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A question that I often get asked when introducing our business to others.  While Virtual Assistant businesses are increasing, they are not familiar to everyone.  It’s a tricky question to answer as business or administration support requirements are different for everyone.  With a conversation style Q and A, see my answers below. Continue reading “So, what do you actually do………?”

Take a Break

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A recent survey by Simply Business revealed that 1/5 of business owners can’t afford to take a single day off in the summer holidays with a further 30% only able to take a holiday if they remain at home or in the UK. The figures are startling especially when you consider the average UK employee is entitled to 20 days holiday.

Taking a break is vital for maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, what is stopping small business owners from taking a holiday? Continue reading “Take a Break”

Outsourcing – when is it the right time?

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As a small business owner you wear a hundred different hats every day. You are the customer services rep, the bookkeeper, the office manager and much much more. Juggling your business with everyday life can be tricky enough, but what happens when life takes an unusual turn. Who do you trust to help you with your business? Continue reading “Outsourcing – when is it the right time?”

A little less conversation…

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I am a keen networker, not only does it give me an opportunity to promote Virtual Angels, but it also gives me – and the other people in the group – an opportunity to talk about business challenges, strategies and ideas that I wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable talking about with family and friends. I feel energized talking to like-minded individuals and it often boosts my excitement about the business. Continue reading “A little less conversation…”

Company Secretary: can a Virtual Assistant help?

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Private companies are no longer legally obliged to appoint a Company Secretary, but many continue to do so. The same applies to Charitable Companies, unless the governing document specifically requires they appoint a Company Secretary.

Within a charity, the Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the Charity complies with company law (as relevant) and any Charity Commission requirements and for maintaining the standards of corporate governance. Continue reading “Company Secretary: can a Virtual Assistant help?”

Top 5 Microsoft Office Shortcuts

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Regardless of whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, Microsoft Office still seems to be the main software used to create key documents within most organisations. If you’re a regular user you probably have one or two shortcuts up your sleeve. Here are my 5 favourite shortcuts for the various packages. Continue reading “Top 5 Microsoft Office Shortcuts”

Free your time with a Virtual Assistant!

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Free your time!

Have you wished there were just a few extra hours in the day? Ever longed for an up to date contact list? Or wished someone could send a few holding replies to ease the pressure on your overflowing inbox?

Maybe it’s time you thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant. Continue reading “Free your time with a Virtual Assistant!”