Tips and Tricks: Gmail Settings (personal or business)

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Today, it’s Google’s turn for our ‘tips and tricks’ spot. Google have a range of apps for business under their GSuite subscription. One of these is Gmail, which is also available free as personal email.

First things first, access your settings by clicking the ‘cog icon’ in the top right corner. This gives you a drop-down menu, from there select ‘settings’.  The following Gmail tips can all be accessed under the general tab in your settings.

Turn your icons into text

If you are always struggling to try to work out which icon relates to the menu options you need, you can switch them to text.  Scroll down until you see the ‘button labels’ option. Select text and save.

Here is the difference in how they look:

Top Menu – Icons
Top Menu – Text
Email Menu – Icons
Email Menu – Text

Turn off conversation view

If, like me, you find it difficult to track what’s in your inbox when your emails are grouped into conversations, you can switch that view off. Scroll to ‘conversation view’, select ‘conversation view off’ and save.

Catch that email you sent by accident

Sometimes we hit send on an email before we’re ready, or as we hit send we remember that vital piece of info we were meant to include or the attachment we forgot to attach. You can catch that pesky email by giving yourself a little extra time before it’s sent.  Scroll to ‘undo send’, tick the box, set the number of seconds delay you want and then save.

Change your default text style

You don’t have a lot of text style options for Gmail, but you can change the default. Scroll to ‘Default Text Style’. You have options to change the font, text size and text colour. Once you’ve chosen the options you like, save the changes.

Set a standard signature

Whether you want to set a signature for personal emails because you always use the same sign-off, or you want a professional business signature, it’s really straight forward to set a standard signature. Scroll to the ‘signature section’, enter the text you want to use and format it accordingly. You can add images, links and edit the alignment.

That’s a few tips and tricks for Gmail – what are yours?

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