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We use Dropbox with several of our clients, it makes sharing files and folders easy and means we both have access to the most recently updated documents we are using. However, I have been asked on a couple of occasions recently, “What is Dropbox, would it be useful for me to use?” So, I thought I would do a basic overview of Dropbox to share with you.

What is Dropbox?

  • It’s is an easy way to store and share photos, documents, spreadsheets, and other types of computer files
  • Dropbox can be accessed via your computer, phone or tablet, which means you can access all your documents, even when on the move
  • Dropbox works by keeping identical copies of selected files on your computer(s) and Dropbox’s cloud-based storage system, and automatically synchronising them securely via an internet connection.

How does Dropbox’s automatic syncing feature help?

  • Virtual Angels use Dropbox to share a folder full of documents with a Client, so we can both access the documents and update if necessary
  • We can both regularly save the files we are working on in Dropbox
  • If there happens to be a computer problem, the files are still available and accessible once the computer(s) is (are) restored.

You don’t have to install Dropbox before being invited to share documents. If someone wants to share a file or folder via Dropbox with you, they will:

  • Send a link to you via email
  • When you click on the link, it will take you straight to the Dropbox website via the internet
  • You follow the instructions to download the software
  • When the software finishes installing, you will see the shared files appear in folders in your personal account on the Dropbox website
  • These files will then synchronise directly with your computer (mobile or tablet), you do not have to download or save them again
  • You can then access the documents and folders via your computer as you would any saved document that you access from your computer.


  • All the items you store in Dropbox are private and you control who you want to share them with
  • Dropbox stores your files with 256-bit AES encryption
  • You can also add two-step verification to your account if you wish.

I hope that this provided a helpful overview for those of you who are not familiar with Dropbox. Dropbox do provide some helpful overviews and videos on their website, take a look when you can.

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