Breaks, remember those!

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I’ll just do one more thing!  That has always been my mantra…….  I know it isn’t good for me and am making a conscious effort to take some short breaks during the day.  Knowing I do feel much better leaving my desk for a short break, it really is silly not to do it…..

To help me, I am putting down my thoughts on why to pause before starting the next item on my to-do list and sharing them with you.  Hopefully, from today, I will start to listen to my own advice! Continue reading “Breaks, remember those!”

Can a Virtual Assistant help me?

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have to balance work and home life can feel if they are always working at full speed, however, their ‘to get done’ list, rarely shrinks and is more likely to increase.  However, is it beneficial to get help?  Surely by the time I have explained what I need to someone, it is quicker to do it myself?  Would that person really be able to do it ‘my way’?

So, what are the benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) and why will it make your work/life balance more productive?  Here are our thoughts on why hiring a VA will make your life easier. Continue reading “Can a Virtual Assistant help me?”

So, what do you actually do………?

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A question that I often get asked when introducing our business to others.  While Virtual Assistant businesses are increasing, they are not familiar to everyone.  It’s a tricky question to answer as business or administration support requirements are different for everyone.  With a conversation style Q and A, see my answers below. Continue reading “So, what do you actually do………?”

Company Secretary: can a Virtual Assistant help?

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Private companies are no longer legally obliged to appoint a Company Secretary, but many continue to do so. The same applies to Charitable Companies, unless the governing document specifically requires they appoint a Company Secretary.

Within a charity, the Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the Charity complies with company law (as relevant) and any Charity Commission requirements and for maintaining the standards of corporate governance. Continue reading “Company Secretary: can a Virtual Assistant help?”