Mistaken Identity – Assistant or Business Support Partner?

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Virtual Assistants (VA) have many roles.  One of the most important for you to remember, is that most VAs are business owners in their own right and are very familiar with the successes and pitfalls that you may meet along the way. Continue reading “Mistaken Identity – Assistant or Business Support Partner?”

Networking Adventures – part four…..

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In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned my previous fear of networking and how I didn’t think I would like it much at all, which is partly why I began this series.  To convince myself and encourage others who felt the same way to take the plunge!  While I am still a relative newcomer to networking, I am beginning to enjoy it more and more.  I have been to several new events solo, as well as my regular groups.  Networking groups come in different shapes and sizes: local area; woman only; men only; specific business; breakfast meetings, you can take your pick. While I am not a member of men only, obviously, or the breakfast meetings, much too early, the groups I do belong to are helping me to build a network of colleagues to call on for joint working or expert advice when needed. Continue reading “Networking Adventures – part four…..”

Distance, no object?

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I read a blog this week titled ‘Location Is No Boundary For A Virtual Assistant, And I’m Proof! by Allison Christie, who is based in Shetland.  Allison, shares her thoughts on running her VA business Tick The List, and the peace and tranquility of Shetland.

It made me think more about my planned move to the South-West and my cottage by the sea! Continue reading “Distance, no object?”

The Royal British Legion Poppy Walk

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On Sunday 17 July, Holly and I took part in the Royal British Legion Poppy Walk. Fundraising for charities is something that we are both passionate about, we first met while working for a charity based in Covent Garden.  We have previously raised money, as Virtual Angels and separately, for cancer charities and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RABF).  Our last outing was for the RABF, dressing up as Santa’s. Continue reading “The Royal British Legion Poppy Walk”

Networking adventures, part two

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It’s been a little while since I wrote my first networking adventures blog, here comes part two……………

In December 2015, I met the wonderful Heather Waring, founder of Waring Well.  Heather is a coach who combines walking with her coaching practice to inspire women, helping them to find the space they need.  Initially I met Heather to discuss public speaking, however our conversation took an unexpected turn when she told me she was looking for a VA.  The meeting quickly turned into a getting to know each other session for both of us and I am pleased to say we are now working together. Continue reading “Networking adventures, part two”

A snapshot of the life of a virtual assistant

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The past few weeks have been very hectic week for me while wearing my Virtual Angels hat.  In the last week I have finished working with one client on site, this was intended to be a part-time three week role that began in February!  Extended several times and taken because December and January were quiet, it became tricky for me to balance everything that was going on.  During the same period I signed up two more clients, one which also involves some on-site work, great news!  With balancing my long term clients, the new clients and running Virtual Angels, I certainly needed more hours in the day or maybe my own VA!   So as you can imagine, as virtual assistants we really do understand the need for support and the importance of being able to balance work and life, with delegation when required. Continue reading “A snapshot of the life of a virtual assistant”

Recruiting a Virtual Assistant

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Are you thinking about hiring a VA or perhaps need some ad-hoc support as you have a busy few weeks or months ahead? Worried about the process, wondering what questions to ask?

Recruiting a VA is similar to hiring an employee, you need to find someone who understands you and your business.  The interview process is as important for the VA as it is for you.

Here are some questions that you may find it helpful to use in recruiting the perfect VA: Continue reading “Recruiting a Virtual Assistant”